Memory Stones Notebook

Points to Ponder

1. We can’t change the past. It is made up of
memories; some pleasant and
 some we would prefer to forget.

2. Since we can’t wipe out our memories, we need
to put them to work for us in the Kingdom of God.
 Every experience creates a memory and is a block of learning.
We can use it for our good and God’s glory, or we can use it
 to dishonor God and allow Satan to torment us with it.

3. We have a Building Manual to guide every aspect of
our building program—the Bible, written by
the Master Builder.

4. Haphazard and shoddy work will not be allowed. An
expert inspector, the Holy Ghost, will monitor every
piece of material going into the building down to
the smallest staple.

5. The most important thing in the building is the foundation.
 It doesn’t matter how elegant the structure is, if the
foundation is faulty, the building will collapse. The
foundation stones come from our heart and find their
 way there from our mind (memory). “Thy Word have I hid
 in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee”
 (Psalm 119:11).

6. “For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid,
which is Jesus Christ…If any man’s work abide which he
hath built upon, he shall receive a reward”
(1 Corinthians 3:11, 14).

7. Our memories consist of what we put in them. We can’t
always choose our experiences, but we can choose how we
react to them. We can guard against allowing what happens
 in our lives to create crumbling memory blocks that
 constantly fall into the mixture for good
building-block material.

8. Memories that hold unforgiveness and grudges produce seriously flawed building stones for our foundation. They
 will cause our structure to be unsafe. They will be rejected
 by the Builder. We may not be able to erase the memory,
but we can eradicate the wrong reaction. My mother had
the best definition for a right reaction to hurtful experiences
I have heard: You know you have forgiven someone when
you can remember it and it doesn’t hurt any more.
Conclusion: You can remember without malice.

9. Always use safe building practices. Never work alone! Consultation fees have already been paid by the Master
 Builder, and He is available at any time we need Him. It is
His good pleasure to draw up the plans, create the blueprint, supply the materials and oversee every phase of the building.
Not only that, He is the one who drives the nails and puts
 every thing in place.

10. If you want to check His credentials, a detailed record
 has been kept of His previous projects. Look in the Bible.