A sophomore at Lee College (now Lee University) in Cleveland, Tennessee,
Alice was full of plans and hopes for her future. At the end of her freshman year
just before leaving for the summer, she spent nearly all night painting a backdrop
mural for a play at the college.

She went home to Detroit and got a job to save money to supplement her expenses
for the next year. She worked all summer until she returned to Cleveland for the fall
term. Then her world came apart and was fragmented until her death on July 16, 2004.

Bipolar does that to people. It uproots their lives and disrupts the lives of their family.
Love isn’t enough to bring a cure, but it gets you through it. The amazing thing
about Alice--Through all the trauma, multiple treatments, institutions, nursing homes,
hospitals and various places that she lived during those years of battling the disease,
she never lost the sweet, loving personality she had. Compassion was her middle name!
She sought to please everyone and did everything possible to accomplish that.

Forsaken by some of her friends and family who couldn’t understand or handle the
 disease didn’t change her heart. Her unconditional love reached out to them even if
they weren’t able to receive it. The “Santa Lady” story that is on her webpage ( so vividly portrays her inner character and
beauty. It continues to touch people’s hearts, which was demonstrated so beautifully
at her funeral when her niece, Karen Grubbs Jacobs, shared the story just before
singing “The Grave Can’t Hold Me” in tribute to Alice.

What a beautiful memorial service was held in her honor! Her brother-in-law,
Rev. Jerry Grubbs, conducted the service assisted by our pastor at New Life
Church of God in East Jenkins, Rev. David Lickliter. Our sister, Lorinda Grubbs;
Lorinda’s daughter, Karen Jacobs, and Alice’s great niece, Misty Grubbs, sang
 and provided music. Misty did lovely collages depicting her life beginning with infancy
 of her and her twin brother, Kelsey Ray. The lovely art pieces that I had in my
possession were displayed. She created many more but they were scattered
throughout the family, and we didn’t have access to them. People were
astonished at her talent. It seems bipolar victims are regarded as not being
 wholly human and have no talent or personality (except their troubling one).

Alice was very talented in all media of art: pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, charcoal,
acrylic, oil, etc. In addition, she played the piano and sang in church and even in
 the public places where she had lived. Her art work was so lovely that the staff of
one hospital asked if they could keep it on their walls. She had talents that
crossed many areas.

It was a sad day when someone decided that her medicine needed to be reevaluated!
The day after she started on the new medicine and she returned to the home where she
 lived, the seizures began and left her on life support until she died. The only way she
 could respond was with her eyes. But we were so thankful for that recognition.
She would follow our every move with her eyes as we talked to her. So she knew
we didn’t abandon her and we were able to tell her just how special she was and
how much she was loved.

Our sister, Lorinda, received a card from a friend in the church that she and Jerry
pastor in Lincoln Park, Michigan that was so uplifting—“Alice isn’t ‘lost’ from you.

When you lose something, you don’t know where it is. You know where Alice is,
so she isn’t lost.” What a beautiful thought! It changed my dialog about Alice. I had
told friends that we had “lost” Alice. But the friend is right. She isn’t lost!
We know where she is.

Her beautiful spirit lives on in our hearts and will always be there. Her legacy continues to minister to others, just as her life did.

Alice’s Favorite Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
The courage
to change the things I can,
The wisdom
to know the difference.

It speaks so well of her attitude about life and her natural inner personality.
 Her candle still burns brightly in our hearts and sheds a lovely light to her friends,
 family and even people who only met her through us and her webpage. No, her life
that was such a burden to her here on earth hasn’t ended; it has only just begun,
carefree and beloved with our Heavenly Father.

Delores Adams
July 30, 2004
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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