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The Cornerstone Connection!

Family Home Page

There's Good News
With the writings of:
Delores, Freddy & and Other Guest Writers

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Resting In My Tent


The Bride

Right Or Wrong

Void If Detached


Give God Your Fist


A Story By MaryE we

Weathering The Storm Of Grief

Father's Day

God's Ideal Diet Plan

My Parents

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Bloom Where You Are Planted~Or Transplanted

Let Freedom Ring

Why Do Birds Sing?

Lets Take A Trip



That's Not Fair!

Out On A Limb

Can You Sleep Through The Storm


The House On The Wall

The Shoe Frog

Why A Crown Made Of Thorns

And In This Corner

Staying Focused

The Drip

Flight 597

A Gift For Christ's Birthday

Measure Up For The New Year


Love Transcending

Easter- A New Covenant

Perfect Mother

The Search For A Perfect Friend

Daddy's Testimony

Freedom To Choose

Alice's Legacy

Remembering Alice

The Harvest

Come To The Feast

Silent Night


Love-A Product Of The Heart

Sit On The Stone

Like A Mother

Who Can Find a Virtuous Husband and Father

I'll Be Talking To You, God

A Beautiful Ugly Picture

Crossing Over To The Other Side

When He Was On The Cross

Go For It!

The Romance of Commitment

Marvelous Creature

Which Tooth Should I Floss?

Splinters of the Cross

More writings of Delores and Others Click Below


Pen Of Freddy Roark

Reflecting the Light of the Holy Spirit


Thoughtful Words For The New Year


More of Freddy's writing, See His Index at

There's Good News

Pens Of Friends

A Child Questions God  -  Linda Rose~

Past The Midnight Hour  -  Gaye Scearce~

Use My Boat, Lord  -  Rev. James Lewis~

Romance  -  Billie Grubbs

Leaving The Shackles Behind  -  Faye Coleman

Are Hypocrites Bothering You?  -  Diane Gray

By Faith Be Ready  -  Diane Gray

Bible Studies

-By Delores-

Memory Stones

God's Ways

As An Eagle

The New Covenant Ratified

Leaving The Condemned Building

Delores As Guest Writer at Other Websites

"Word Of Life Ministries" Web Site

This website by Rev. James Lewis is no longer on the WWW.  These pages will be

published on "There's Good News" as time permits.

Thank God for Lice

"His Anointed" Web Site

Rags to Riches

"Wings of Faith Web Site" (Mary Mizrany)

Due to ill health, Mary had to close her website.

This website is no longer on the WWW.  This page has been

published on "There's Good News".

God bless Mary. We miss her on the www.

How Then Shall We Live

"Joy For All" Web Site

Stand-In For Barabbas

Marvelous Creature


Prayer Handkerchief

The "Cyber-Handkerchief" has been anointed and prayed over by several
believers who care about you and want to help you realize your full potential in
Christ Jesus Our Lord.  Feel free to print a "handkerchief" to use as a point of contact to increase your faith.  Click on the link above to go to this page.

~The Ten Commandments~




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The Hallelujah Goji Berry

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