Dear God, my Momma is crying, they tell me my Dad is dying

God I don’t understand why your creation wants to
annihilate this land.

They’re making bombs to destroy your people.

They don’t want your Churches with their big steeples.

They think the Ten Commandments from our schools
should be banned.

Why can’t they see why you made these commands?

If they obeyed your commandments there would be no killing,

If they obeyed your commandments there would be no stealing,

If they obeyed your commandments there’d be no lying,

If they obeyed your commandments my Dad would not be dying,

There would be no adultery hearts would not be broken;

There’d be no divorces with children's hearts broken;

Children would honor their parents and their lives would be longer;

For instead of living in the streets where the Devil can kill them,

They’d be at home with their parents where Gods love could shield them.

We would love our neighbor as ourselves and not covet
another’s wealth.

They’d serve you God and you alone there’d be no idols in
their home.


My son I made my creation to have a free will.

They have the right which road they will choose.

I want them to serve me with their whole heart,

For if this they do from my laws they’ll never depart.

I sent my son, Jesus, to die in their place,

I showed them my amazing Grace.

He was nailed to an old rugged Cross.

Big nails were driven into his feet and hands;

He shed his blood for all man.

He paid the price with the stripes on his back for their healing,

And he shed his blood to wash away their sins that they could be forgiven.

Just as Jesus was resurrected on the third day

And had victory over death hell and the grave.

So shall your Dad arise too and his body will no more die,

But it will live forever no pain or suffering no more tears will be shed.


My Son, Jesus, has prepared a mansion for all his redeemed;

And in a new Heaven and Earth they’ll shout and sing.

To be absent from the body is to be present with me,

So Son don’t worry your Dad’s spirit will be with me;

And he’ll be happy and free from all his worries and cares.

Soon Jesus will be returning to receive my people.

The dead in Christ will arise first and then those that are alive

And remain in the twinkling of and eye will be changed.

So don’t worry, Son, again you’ll be reunited with your Dad.

As long as you believe that I loved this world so much

That I gave my only son that who so ever believes in him

Should not perish but have eternal life.

Those who don’t obey my commandments have chosen the
 wrong path

And they’ll have to face Hells wrath.

The lake of fire was made for Satan and his angels but sad to say

Some of my creation will have to pay for choosing Satan’s way.

His commandments are just the opposite of mine

He says, “Kill, steal and destroy, live for today please yourselves.

Covet everyone else's wealth; don’t obey your parents,

Get happy on drugs and alcohol get high, you won’t die.”

But just as he lied to Eve in the Garden of Eden

He’s still lying today and my creation he is deceiving.

Through Adam’s fall death came into the world,

But my Son, Jesus, the new Adam, has conquered sin’s terrible deed

Now you can have eternal life if you come unto to me.

Pray “Father, in the name of Jesus, your precious son, I ask you to forgive me

Of the sins I have done. Make me a new creature in Jesus Christ. I know He shed his blood to give me eternal life. I know, God, the transgression of your law is sin. So help me to obey your commands I commit my life into you’re hands.”

Linda Lou Rose
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.
24355 Haskell St. Taylor, Mi 48180

Written as a memorial to 9/11 to the children
who had lost their fathers in that terrorist act.

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