In addition to the lovely, comforting card,
phone calls and personal comments, we received
 many e-mails from people who knew

Our loss is heavenís gain.

What a lovely angel she will make.

I am so thankful I met her.

It was a shame that such a beautiful lady had
 to go thru what she did.

Alice has had such a mixed bag of tragedies and joys.
I'm just hoping she will look at all those and see
the good. She was that kind of person anyway.

Oh what a beautiful tribute to Alice!
All the lovely words,
And the beautiful songs were so appropriate.
I am so glad I got to meet her.


Email Re: Alice

We are so sorry to hear about Alice. We were so hopeful that
she was starting to get better. We saw her as having so much
heartbreak in her lifetime,
but I think we saw more than she did that she was a beautiful, loving
and sweet person. I wish I could have been around her more.

If you would like to send graphics or words I would be happy
to include them on Alice's Remembrance page.

Pens Of Friends

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your full potential in Christ Jesus Our Lord.

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