“You can’t speak that name here any more! In fact, you can’t
 even display His Words in the public eye. If you presume to use
 His name or make me view His Words, you are infringing on my
 rights to ignore Him and my campaign to remove
Him from society’s memory.”

More and more we are facing atheists, agnostics and rebellious
people who appear to believe that they can actually erase God from history. How utterly ridiculous! Can they erase the sun that God
gave to light the day or the moon reflecting the sun’s rays or the
stars twinkling in the night? God hung them there!

Will these radicals be able to remove all the trees and plant life
from the planet that were seeded by the God of the universe? Are
they capable of causing all the rivers, lakes, oceans and streams
to be evaporated from earth’s surface? Can they transport all the
animals to some other planet and remove them from ours? It would
still be a heavenly body that God created! We are the products of
God’s creation, and we live on a created planet that is under
the control of our Creator.

“Where can I go from His presence?” the Psalmist asked. The
 answer is, “There is no place!” How futile the attempts are to try to remove God from His creation! The efforts to replace God with
man have been going on since the beginning of time. There has
 been a satanic campaign in progress since Satan convinced Eve
she would be like God if she listened to him (Satan). We are not
“masters of our own fate” as some would try to make us believe.
The only control we have is to choose whom we will serve.
We relinquish the control of our lives to either God or Satan.
 There are no other choices.

It is a God-given freedom to “choose this day whom we will serve.”
It is our responsibility alone to choose, and everyone—no exceptions—must choose and are choosing whether we do it by deliberation, purposefully or by acquiescence. It is an individual freedom to choose,
 and choose we will.

Countless lives have been sacrificed by men and women who
chose to fight for our freedom. It is an ongoing battle, and there are
 still dedicated people who are standing against tyranny
and terrorism—and our freedom to worship our God as we see fit.
 How tragic that we must fight here on our own home front for those
 rights as well. Was the battle lost when Judge Moore was
condemned for displaying the Ten Commands? No! But those who
were responsible will stand in jeopardy before the One who wrote
 them. If every plaque and monument to God’s Word are removed
 from every public building, the battle is still not lost. Why?

God said He would write them on our hearts! That’s our
 innermost being where no one can erase them. Even if they cut
 our hearts out, they can’t separate us from the Living Word
of God that He has engraved in our redeemed spirit.

We can’t force anyone to make the right choice, and we must
never allow our “tolerance” to be extended to those who are
 attempting to remove God from all levels of society. Their goal
 is to raise up a generation that does not know God, one that they can brainwash; and thus, create a godless world. God told Israel to
 keep the flame lit by telling their children daily, several times a day,
of His great and wonderful works. It’s still essential to pass the
torch to the next generation who will not only “know God”
but will know Him even better than we do.

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty [freedom] by which Christ has
made us free…” (Galatians 5:1). “…for you, brethren, have been
called to liberty [freedom]” (Galatians 5:13). Paul was speaking
of the liberty (freedom) we have in Christ apart from the Old
 Testament Law, but it is fully applicable to us today to “stand fast”
 in the freedom to serve God openly, publicly or privately as
we choose.

“Stand fast, America! Don’t allow your freedom to be infringed
 upon by a minority of disgruntled, frustrated God-haters!” They
cannot be successful unless we put a tolerant clamp on our mouths
 and beat down the Spiritual uprisings in our breast to defend
our religious freedom. What can we do? One of the greatest
 weapons we have is “knee power.”

Paul is speaking to us also from God’s Word asking, “You ran well.
Who hindered you from obeying the truth? This persuasion does
 not come from Him who calls you” (Galatians 5:7-8). If by neglect
we fail in keeping our religious freedom, if our “run” becomes a
 casual “stroll,” we will have to answer that question some time.
 How much better to ask ourselves now, give an honest answer
and do something about it than to have to stand before God
and answer Him when it’s too late for remedy.

Freedom—it’s a matter of choice. Choose to stand with God in
Christ. It will produce eternal freedom and like Paul we can say,
“I have run a good race and kept the faith.”

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed
 [really, certainly]” (John 8:36). That freedom can’t be bought;
 it’s free! Be faithful, run the freedom race to the end! Don’t
 be hindered until every lap has been run; there’s a prize at the end.

Delores Adams
May 30, 2004
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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