Daddy’s Testimony

“I have been born again. I am a new creature in Christ Jesus.
All things have become new. The things I used to love, I now
hate; the things I used to hate I now love.”

“I was at a meeting in Scott County, Virginia, and received
the experience of Eternal Life. If I could get one more
 experience just like I received, through any kind
of weather, I would get down on my hands and knees
and crawl from here to Scott County. And this thought
just flashed through me: I would be
 willing to be as though I had never been born, if by this means
 it would cause some person to receive Eternal Life that
didn’t have a chance of receiving Eternal Life. I know that
God does not require anything like that though. This
experience occurred in 1929.”

(Written by my dad, Kelsey G. Adams)

Kelsey G. and Lillie M. (Robbins) Adams

Both Mother and Daddy were natives of Letcher
 County, Kentucky. In his biography, Daddy recorded
his first impressions of Mother. “A business moved into
town, and the people that owned it moved just two houses
 from where I worked; but the most interesting thing to
me was the beautiful girl I saw around the house. I believe
she saw me too! We didn’t waste much time getting
acquainted, and after over thirty years, five grown
children and nine grandchildren, we are still married
 and ‘acquainted.’ “ At his death in 1979 they had
 been married over 48 years. The grandchildren had
 increased to 13, and the great-grandchildren are
continuing to increase. There are now two great-great
grandchildren. The started their family with twins
 that were born prematurely and didn’t survive. They
ended with another set of twins which were the little
“stars” of their small town as Mother pushed the
double baby buggy up the street.

They established a clothing store and shoe repair business
 in the small town of Jenkins where they settled shortly after
 they were married. Mother came from a “shoe cobbler”
family and could “cobble” with best of them. In addition
to being a busy mom, she helped run the businesses as
well, but neither were ever too busy to be active in
their church and held many positions over the years.

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