April showers brought May flowers, and now June
has come to pick and distribute them.

Many of the lovely beauties will grace a church for weddings filled with love and hope for the future.
Some delicate baby breath blossoms may be attached to the blushing bride's veil and included in her
bouquet, while corsages and boutonnieres will be
worn by the attendants.

Lovely corsages will be delivered to excited junior and senior girls as they are escorted to the prom by their beaux.
 Colorful arrangements will line platforms
in auditoriums and gymnasiums for graduation exercises.

Beautiful flowerbeds in lawns will be the home of many annual and perennial plant lovelies. Some will be dug up and transplanted, maybe divided and shared with friends.
Some will be cut and arranged in vases
as their aroma is brought indoors.

Isn't it marvelous how all of God's natural creation cooperate with each other? April's moisture began the process
and May's warmth encouraged it so June could enjoy the benefits of the exquisite beauty of new growth for
the new season. What they worked together to accomplish
will be enjoyed for months to come.

June will host the first official day of summer, bringing another season change. It's time for sandals,
seashores, picnics and family reunions. It's a time to fully appreciate the balmy days before the heat
of July and August.

The natural seasons are similar to the seasons of our lives.
If we could just cooperate with God the
way His other creations do, we could bless and enhance each other's lives and be lovely bouquets for God's use.

The "seed" was planted in our hearts by the Word. We
were "rained upon" by the Holy Spirit, causing
us to burst forth in a June-like fashion. We can use the
beauty of salvation that flowers in us to beautify
our world and bless others with our Spiritual aroma.
What a lovely bouquet we would make in God's eyes
if we would just let our different colors, shapes and
scents blend as we honor Him.

We need to remember that there are different seasons
to our lives. Sometimes we flourish with radiant
spiritual health; sometimes we are taking in seed
(Word) and gaining new revelation. At other times the
seed is laying dormant waiting for the proper season to
sprout. There are times when we are very fruitful
with maturing seeds for another season.

Whatever the season,
"Be ready in season and out of season..."
 (2 Timothy 4:2 NKJV).
Each season has its own beauty and usefulness.

Delores Adams
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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