Lord, here it is again Ė past midnight.

Everyone I know has their eyes closed tight;

And once again, Lord, I call upon Thee,

For you know, Lord, only You can set me free.

I must remember that ďJust before dawn,
comes the darkest hour.Ē

And, Dear Lord, right now I need a surge of
your greatest power!

To push back the loneliness, to shut out the fear,

Restore that calmness, Lord, so Iíll know youíre here.

Give me Your strength, Lord; let me draw from thee.

Only you, Master, can light the way for me.

Your Comforting Touch keeps me Ďtil the break of day.

Your gentle Hands leading me the rest of the way.

Lord, the midnight hours are always rough.

Itís hard to be lonely, the way is so tough.

Lord, I know each thing I feel, Youíve been through;

With You by my side, Iíll make it too.

Just let me lean my head on Your Arm.

Lord, already my load is lighter; I feel calm.

Why, Lord, Youíve taken that burden from me!

How can I ever thank you? Youíve set me free!

Lord, if Youíll just stay with me for a few more minutes,

Iíll be all right. How could I ever live in this world without it?

Your Touch, Lord, is like a cool gentle breeze.

Why, Lord, my heartaches are already starting to ease.

Precious Friend, Iím so glad You are always hereó

Past the midnight hour showing me that You care.

Gaye Scearce
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

Gaye had lost her husband in a horrific accident, but she
never let it separate her from her Lord.

She is now married to retired minister,
Rev. David F Scearce,
and they live in Georgia.

A sad note:  We lost Gaye in 2013.  The cancer she had fought so valiantly won, but that was just the batter.  The war was won by her Savior that she loved so well.  She will be terribly missed by her friends and family!

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