In the barren dessert of a soul
a tiny seed fell.
A gentle sprinkling of the Holy Spirit
fell upon the seed.

Lo, soon a delicate sprout shyly pushed its head
through the dampened earth.
From the River of Life
a stream began to flow
through the sin parched wasteland,
trickling alongside the tender seedling,
nurturing it, coaxing it to grow.

Strengthened by latent nutrients
activated by the Holy Word,
the young plant put forth leaves.
Then one day, the sprinkling
turned into a downpour,
as the plant received the shower of the Holy Spirit.

Its roots began to seek deeper depths,
finding additional strength
to withstand torturous winds
that were sure to come.

The deeper the roots searched,
the more moisture they found.
The spiritual depths stabilized the plant,
bringing maturity.
Maturity produced fruit on the now strong plant;
Soon the fruit ripened and began to fall--
spreading seeds.

Some seeds dropped gently around the plant;
Some were carried by the wind to far places,
constantly and continuously
spreading the Gospel,
bringing life to other barren deserts,
perpetuating SEEDS.

 Delores Adams
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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