One definition of afterglow is “a pleasant feeling one has after an enjoyable experience.” In the afterglow, we can relive the experience over and over,
but eventually other memories will push it farther from our minds and
the glow will grow dimmer and dimmer.

My TV remote control has a phosphorescent dial that glows in the dark
 after the lights are turned out. In the dark room the luminous dial stands
 out, but after awhile it ceases to glow. I recall a few Christmases ago I
found some small white crosses that I gave to some of the kids on my
 shopping list. These too would glow in the dark because they stored
 light during the day so they could glow at night in a dark place.

Phosphorescence is the condition or property of a substance of giving off
 a lingering emission of light after exposure to radiant energy, as a light. Radiant: The point or object from which heat or light emanates.

As pleasant and desirable as the “afterglow” of an experience is, it is “phosphorescent” and transient. In order for there to be a continual
afterglow, there has to be an ongoing exposure to the point or object of its source. My TV remote control eventually loses its afterglow during the
 dark of night. The little crosses which stood out in the dark gradually
 became dim until they were charged with light again. We must guard
 against being content to stay in the afterglow lest we end up trying
to warm by dying light.

When Moses came down from the mountain after spending time with God,
the skin on his face was glowing (Exodus 34:29-35). He covered his face
with a veil to subdue the glow when he had to talk with the Israelites. His
 face kept the glow after his meeting with the Source and repetitious
 exposure kept his face shining. It would be great if we could live in the pleasant afterglow, however the only way we can keep it is to stay close
to the Source from which it emanates and have repeated exposure.

Living in the afterglow of an extraordinary spiritual experience is a pleasant place to be for awhile, but soon the glow wanes and is then gone. The glow fades gradually, and we might not notice it lessening until it has faded and
the embers are cold. Remembering what God “used to do” is good and
 serves as a source of hope in times of discouragement. God told Israel to
talk about His Law and His dealings with them to their children beginning in the morning and at intervals all during the day so they would never forget.
 The reason was He wanted them to know that He was still their God,
 not the God that was, but the God that IS.

God wanted the Israelites to stay in the Light and be recharged every day.
He wants the same thing for us. It is OK to bask in the afterglow, but we shouldn’t put up a mailbox there. We have to go back to the Radiant Energy Source to be recharged. An afterglow is the “glow remaining after a light has gone.” We must return often and regular to the Light to keep our
 luminescence or there won’t be an afterglow after the stored Light is gone.
 If we try to live in the afterglow, God will become the God that was
 instead of the God that is.

As Israel remembered their fathers, we should have reverence for the
spiritual pioneers who hacked their way into the spiritual wilderness and created a highway for us, but that’s only an afterglow. We have to know
God for ourselves. “God has no grandchildren.” He only has first generation children. We must know Him for ourselves and not as the God of our parents or grandparents. He is “I AM.” He is now. He wants us to live in close proximity of His Light now, not in the experiences of past generations. He never changes. What He did then, He will do today.

We must never let the Cross of Jesus, His resurrection and our “blessed
 hope” fade from our consciousness and be just an afterglow. We need to
 live in that Truth so we will always be charged with His Light enabling us to shine in the darkness. Jesus said we were the light of the world. Actually He was saying He was the Light and we are luminaries of His light shining in the darkness of a world desperate for His Light. Some patio lights absorb light from the sun during the day so they can glow at night. That’s what we must
do; absorb the Light of Jesus and be lamps in this dark world.

Glowing embers of a fire will soon die if more fuel is not added to keep the
 fire burning. Paul questioned the Galatians: “You did run well. Who
hindered you that you should not obey the truth?” They were living in a
dark afterglow that had lost its luminescence. They needed to go back
to the Source and be recharged with the Truth.

Our feet can keep on marching long after the band has moved on, but we
won’t know if we are in step or not. We need to fall in line and follow the parade closely enough to hear the drum beat so we can stay in step. Jesus
said “Come unto me.” He knows we need to hear His drum beat, be charged over and over with His Spirit so our afterglow will be warm and brilliant.

When He returns, may He find us in step and not living in a cold afterglow
but following closely, renewed and walking in His Light as He illuminates
us for the world to see Him.

Enjoy the afterglow, but don’t live there. God is “I AM,” not I Was.

Delores Adams
July 8, 2003
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.


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