God, I'm looking down from this Frontier 737 airplane
from Lexington, Kentucky, flight 597 at 5:45 PM EST at
Your patchwork world, and it's beautiful and awesome!
I'm flying into the sunset and You are painting
the horizon with reds and gold's. It is breathtakingly

I've been looking out my window from this very good seat
(2A) You gave me, and I've been seeing the miniscule houses, barns, cars, trucks, etc.;  and I thought, "God, this is what
You see when you look at this earth--except
You see inside the "toy" trains, cars and houses. You
see the people. You see their activities. You even see inside
them. You see their hurts and disappointments. You see
their happiness."

I am now looking at some very large river. I'm not sure which
one it is; but it appears to be going (or coming from) the
way I am going - west.
It has all kinds of twists and turns as it meanders across the landscape puzzle. Sometimes it even loops back into itself.
It veers far to the south
and then far to the north and the east (or west) again.

I thought, "How like my life. I do have a goal, a destination;
but how many times I veer in another direction and how hard
 it is sometimes to get back 'within my banks' and flowing in
 the right direction again."

I hope when I "meandered" that, even though it might have
been out of your perfect will, Lord, I will have at least
brought life (through the Water of Life that flowed through me)
to what might otherwise have been barren soil. Use me, Lord,
as I try to get back in my own channel, flowing within my
own banks as You will, to cause life to spring up  out of the
banks where I have meandered just as this meandering
river has caused trees and vegetation to grow along its
banks while the areas distant from it are barren.

We're nearly to St Louis, and the river is still in view forming
 large arcs. I can't tell which direction (east or west) it flows
 from up here, but I sure can tell where it has been and left its presence. Even from this great distance I can't miss its
influence; and that is what I pray for, Lord:
Let my influence for your cause be profound!

The horizon is still so beautiful even though it's nearly dark.
The lights below look like tiny - very tiny - specks of gold dust
or crushed diamonds scattered over the land, picking up
 reflection from the glowing red and gold horizon.
We're about to land on Your earth, Lord, at St. Louis. Things
 on the ground are coming into focus, becoming real again
instead of looking like doll houses and children's toys.

Life is real, too, Lord. Help me to keep everything in focus
 and to know Your will. Help me to not meander but flow in
 the direction and within the channel You've chosen for me.
 And, Lord, take my mistakes; use them for Your glory;
water the banks of my meandering with Your love!

Delores Adams
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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