We are nearing the end of another eventful year

The last month which we call December.

The last chance this year to mend our fences,

And have good thoughts next year to remember.


God in His mercy is giving us one more chance

To make peace with Him through His amazing grace

And to love each other before the year winds down

Leaving behind old wounds, allow healing to take place.


This brings to mind His grand scheme of things

It began in a stable; what an unlikely place!

Glorious herald angels on a sheep-studded hill

Brought a message of hope of love and of grace--


ďA Savior is born, a new year is dawning

The a-waited Messiah promised long ago

Has come to earth to live among you

To remove the curse and redeem our soul.Ē


It boggles my mind and I canít understand

How the Plan included me; Iím so undeserving;

Yet the path He chose was a cross on a hill.

He completely paid my ransom, never swerving.


The message was clear to the shepherds that night,

ďRun to Him and at His crude cradle humbly bow.

You wonít find Him at the kingís palace so fine

But lowly, as you, He is the God-man now.Ē


The call is still resounding over this sin-cursed earth--

Run to Him, just as you are in sin and failures, so lost,

In despair and hopeless unable to help yourself.

What began in a stable was paid for you in full on a cross.


You donít have to understand: I surely donít and canít.

Why did He do it?  Not because I was deserving, so why?

Just simply because He loved me more than His own life.

From the stable to the cross, now empty, He reigns on high.


Donít let this last month of December slip away this year

Before making peace with the One in the stable and on the cross.

Be sure to mend your fences so love canít slip out,

Forgive and amend freely like you received, without cost.


Consider this:  If we measured all personal slights, bruises and
neglects by the stable and the cross; if we aligned everything that happened to us with eternity, how insignificant they would appear
 in that light.  We will never encounter anything that Jesus will not
fully understand and be sympathetic with, nothing that He doesnít
have an answer and solution for.  What better time to make peace
where there is misunderstanding, express love in unlovable situations,
 in short, to be like Christ--than on His birthday. 


I believe this would be the best birthday gift we could give Him. 
 First, to accept Him as Savior and then to live like Him.  In
December celebrate His birthday by living in love; that is what He
does!  Let January be a new beginning in deeper
commitment to Christ. 

Donít carry anything over into the new year that you
canít take to Heaven with you! 

He would be pleased with that birthday gift.

December 15, 2003
Delores Adams
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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