Many years ago, I participated in a community Christmas
cantata hosted by the Methodist Church. Being only one
of the alto singers, I made no mark or impression in the cantata;
but this song made an indelible mark on me! I donít remember
any of the other songs or recitations, but I never
forgot this one...because I really canít understand that
He would have such transcending love for me!

"I Cannot Understand"


I cannot understand Godís love

Itís far too great for me

He sent His Son, the Holy One

To set the sinner free

The gulf between lost men and God

The Saviorís love has spanned

But why my soul has been made whole

I cannot understand


I cannot understand

The thing that God has planned

That Christ should live as man up the earth

But this I surely know

As grace and mercy show

That God came down to man in Jesusí birth

(Verse 2)

I cannot understand Godís love

It covers all my sin

Forevermore Christ is the door

And sinners may come in

I feel the cleansing, healing touch

Of Jesusí blessed hand

But why should He do this for me

I cannot understand

(from "Love Transcending" a cantata by John Peterson)

Though this was used in a Christmas cantata, it seems even
more appropriate for the loversí holiday, Valentineís Day.
In fact, it would be appropriate for any holiday and applied
to every single day of the year.

What is transcending love? Letís look at 'love' first.
It has been ill-defined by the worldís standard. It has
been equated with lust and sensual desire. Websterís New
World Dictionary gives the following definition, among others.

Love: deep feeling of affection, attachment or devotion;
deep attachment.

The same source defines transcending--

Transcending: going beyond the limits of possible expression;
exceeds belief;  surpasses; excels.

Put together, we get 'deep affection that surpasses possible
 expression.' Doesnít that describe Godís love? At least
as well as humans can understand and express it. It is not
only beyond the limits of possible expression, it is beyond
our comprehension. From the natural-mind perception, it is
unrealistic to even imagine that a Holy God loves a sin-cursed,
godless that crucified Him! We are so far
removed from His perfection that 'transcendent love' is the
 only way it can be imagined.

If God were taking part in Valentineís Day, He would ask,
"Would you be my Valentine?" We would feel as the peasant
girl who responds to the prince, if she should receive such
an invitation, "Impossible! I would never fit into your world."
But the prince will not take no for an answer. He assures the
humble girl that he will give her the refinement she needs to
share his life. He will provide the clothes and grooming to
make her acceptable to stand by his side in his kingdom. She
is incredulous as he carries her away on his white charger into
the happy-ever-after.

Jesus extends to us the same offer. We could never refine
ourselves well enough to be accepted into His kingdom.
We donít have the means to clothe ourselves with the
righteousness necessary to stand by His side in His kingdom
 and serve with Him. We would always come up short
of His requirements; we would only bring Him shame and
disgrace. Donít you think He knows that? Of course, He does!
Nor does He even expect us to bring anything into the
relationship to our credit. He will be totally responsible to
provide all we need to fit into His kingdom. He just wants us,
 as we are, stained with the sins of this world. Like
Cinderella before the ball, sitting in the ashes
of our hopelessness.

Jesus has called us His bride. John the Baptist declared,
"I am not the Christ."
He said he was only the friend of the groom, Jesus, and
the groom would increase as he decreased (John 4:28-30).
In so saying, he identified Christ as the groom.
We see His bride in Revelation 19:7-8. She has made
herself ready and stands clothed in white linen which is the
 'righteous act of the saints.' We already know that our
 righteousness is as a filthy rag, but He has given us His robe
of righteousness to make us ready to be His bride.

He brings to us His 'transcending love' in redemption, giving us
His unconditional love expressed in its fullness at Calvary and
the empty tomb. He comes to us as a friend that 'sticks closer
than a brother,' and was even rebuked by his enemies for being
a friend to sinners (Luke 7:34). How can that be!
The Supreme Sovereign,
King of kings, Lord of lords offers love that is faithful,
unfailing and eternal to unworthy, debt-laden peons unable
to pull ourselves up from our lowly state, doomed to sit in t
he ashes of our failures. How can we refuse such an offer?
The only answer we can give is, "I do!"

Thatís nothing less than 'Transcending Love!'

Will you be His Valentine...forever?

Delores Adams
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.
January 28, 2004


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