ďNo fair!Ē We hear that a lot when kids are playing and the game
seems to be going better for one than others. The loser feels left out
and cries, ďThatís not fair!Ē It can be pulled on parents by kids trying
to manipulate them to get their way. If they can paste some guilt
on the parent, they can get what they want.

Adults can feel unfairness too. Someone with less seniority gets the promotion. A spouse breaks out of the home and turns his/her back on his/her responsibility in keeping the wedding vows causing hardships on those left behind. Friend and confidante spreads gossip instead of
 keeping shared secrets locked in their hearts and behind sealed lips.

Cain didnít think it was fair when God accepted Abelís sacrifice and rejected his. He took matters in his own hands and tried to square it up
 by killing his brother. Thatís when serious trouble beginsówhen we
try to even the score. Reality is that the score will never be even. In
this life there will always be the haves and have-nots, and there will
 be those like Cain who try to even the score by whatever means
 they can contrive.

Letís talk about whatís not fair. Was it fair when God created a beautiful paradise for His creation and they listened to Satan instead of God and
 lost their Eden? Was it fair that God led the Hebrews out of Egyptian bondage, took care of their every need and then have to see them
bowing down to an Egyptian god-calf giving it praise for
 their deliverance?

Was it fair when Jeremiah was dropped into a miry dungeon by ropes because he delivered the Word of the Lord in warning King Zedekiah
of the impending doom of the kingdom?

Was it fair that Jesus bore our sins upon His innocence? Was it fair
when He was beaten and ridiculed before they killed Him? ďNo fair!Ē Ė indeed! Yet He didnít even open His mouth when He was falsely
accused and abused. He did open His mouth to pray for His
murderers. Was that fair?

Was it fair when all of His friends cowered out of sight while He was
 being tried, beaten and crucifiedófor them? NO! Nor was it fair when
they didnít believe Him when He told them He would come out of the
grave in three days. But, you know, He didnít accuse them; He just
 proved His resurrection so they would have no more doubts about it.
He just shored up their faith so they could tell the world that it was true.

Is it fair that He continues to offer grace and mercy to unbelieving, rebellious people today? Who deserves that? Would you raise your
hand? No one? Right. We are all sinners and undeserving of His
Love. Wouldnít you say that just makes Godís Love greater than
 we can comprehend?

Itís not fair that we should be so blessed here on earth. Itís not fair that God can just forget our sins and call us His beloved children and
 joint-heirs with Christ of all He has. Itís just not fair that these earthly bodies of clay could contain Godís precious treasure and treat it
so lightly.

When we feel lifeís not fair and treating us badly, we should consider
 this: What did we do to deserve a Savior like Jesus? What have we
 done that makes us deserving of Heaven and eternal joy and bliss in the presence of Jesus who died for us and God Who loved us so much?

We are right if we think itís not fair, because it is not. But thatís where Grace becomes effective and where Mercy is demonstrated toward us.

GRACE: Receiving what we donít deserve--Salvation and all
its everlasting benefits.

MERCY: Not receiving what we do deserveóBanishment from
God for our sins and rebellion against Godís Grace.

Itís not a secret. Let the world knowóďGodís not fair!Ē He doesnít
 give us what we deserve. Instead, He is full of Grace and Mercy and
 gives us what Jesus deserves. Remember, we are joint heirs with Christ.

Delores Adams
July 5, 2003
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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