Lord, You love me when I am wrong,
You love me when I am right.
It seems that I am wrong,
More than I am right.
To be loved by You -- right or wrong - is Grace!
Even when I am so low and flat on my face;
When my feet hang over if I sit on the floor,
It seems that You love and bless me all the more.

You let me feel Your love, sweet and warm.
You let it flow through me amid the storm.
You overwhelm me with that Divine Love from You,
So that I can't blink without tears seeping through.
Your love makes me humble, though spiritually stout.
And I feel strong--Thank You, God! I can go in and out,
I can get up off the floor and try one more time;
Because I'll go in Your strength and not in mine.

Delores Adams
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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