When we buy pillows, upholstered furniture, even stuffed animals, etc., sometimes they come with a tag attached, which warns against removing them. They usually contain contents and care of the item purchased. There might even be a warning “Under Penalty of Law” included on the tag. The seller is the warned against removal. Only the buyer can remove the tag.

Others items we purchase may have a component that comes with a warning “Void if detached.” To keep the warranty in force, these instructions must be followed; otherwise, it will be invalid. It may contain other warnings on small doors or compartments that must be opened only by a “qualified service person.” If these instructions are not followed, there would no guarantee that the seller would assume any responsibility for repair or maintenance.

We, as Christians, are under a “warranty” issued by our “Manufacturer” and are under eternal warranty. In our case, the Manufacturer and the Buyer are the same; it's a corporation with a single stockholder—God. The Stockholder, CEO and Chairman of the board consist of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, and all decisions are made by this Board.

The Buyer purchased all rights to the product (us) and paid such a high price (Himself) that no one could bid against Him. He has exclusive rights to the original product and to the revisions He chooses to make; and assumes all responsibility for the maintenance.

For the product to function properly and in accordance with its purpose, it is necessary for its “tags” to remain attached. The warranty will be null and void if tag is removed. We are labeled by our Maker; He has a claim on our lives; because He bought us and made us part of His firm. We have become so special to Him that He will never put us on the market to be sold!

Satan has put forth his best offers for our souls, even using subterfuge and dishonest business practices to try to put us on his shelves to be sold to the highest bidder. But—Hallelujah!--our Creator and Keeper refused to give us up! Our “tags” are permanently attached, labeling our contents--the image of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

We are so special to our Buyer that we are on display in His trophy room. His record keeper lists our victories and awards. Our previous defeats and loses have been stricken from the record permanently and totally destroyed, never to be retrieved.

Jesus said He was the “vine” and we are the “branches” and would produce His fruit. We bear fruit, which is defined by the essence of the vine: Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. These “contents” are shown on our “tags,” not to be detached; and make up the logo of the corporation. The logo is known the world over, and there will come a time when only those wearing His labels with authentic contents will be allowed in His Corporation. All others will be banished forever. It is absolutely essential that we remain attached and our tags/labels are intact. We must keep in mind that only the Manufacturer/Buyer has the authority and expertise to open any compartments that need maintenance.

Wear your label confidently and proudly. You are part of a corporation that will never file for bankruptcy, will never go out of business, will never have a corrupt CEO and the stock will never lose its value.

Delores Adams
June 4 2003
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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