I invited the Lord to come and see how dreary and dark
 my world was so He would understand why I was so
downcast and just couldn’t be joyful like He seemed
to expect me to be. I didn’t think He knew how bad
things were. If He did, He would surely see why I
couldn’t apply all those “joyful” scriptures that
 fit everyone else’s lives, but not mine.

Being as gracious as He is, He accepted my invitation.
 He came to my door and was willing for me to show
Him around my life and darkness. I thought that was
 so kind and gracious that He would be willing to try to understand why my situation was different and not
applicable to what He expected of others who didn’t
appear to have so much darkness and gloom.

So I opened my dark life and let Him in. He was waiting
for me to show Him around and take a tour of my despair.
I was eager to share it with Him, and then He could
 understand why I was so sad.

I turned from His smiling face to point out things and
 give Him a play-by-play description; and, to my great
surprise and astonishment, as He accompanied me,
 I couldn’t find a single spot of darkness, not even in the
corners where I just knew it lurked. To my utter amazement, everywhere there was Sonshine; there was absolutely no darkness. Every step that we took was flooded with Light!

There will always be Sonshine when we walk with the Son.
 We will never have to walk in darkness again. Even the shadows will disappear. If we want to be a Sondial so people
 can tell it is “time to walk in the Sonlight,” we must walk with the Son. Sondials (time-tellers) need the Son to function.

Delores Adams
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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