The Potter’s Wheel

Spinning around on the potter’s wheel

Makes me dizzy and very weak,

But I wouldn’t be here at all

If, instead of being proud, I’d been meek.

Just a marred piece of His clay

Was what God saw in me.

But it seemed that I was doing all right

As far as I was able to see.

You know--living a good moral life,

Every day or so doing a good deed.

After all, I’m a good upright citizen.

What else could I possibly need?

But the Master Potter took His conviction hammer,

And with it took me all apart.

He put me back on His spinning potter’s wheel;

With Grace made a vessel with a brand new heart.

“Breaking up” is hard to do. We hug our broken hearts,
and won’t let them go. We say “No” to any efforts to be reconstructed according to the Master Plan, because it
just doesn’t just fit into our carefully designed program. We
feel we can finally get it all together and make our dreams
 come true. All we need to do is work at it a little harder,
be more persistent and harden to the knocks life gives us.

The truth is that the longer it takes God to “hammer” conviction into us, the harder the hammer has to strike. Every time we
 resist when the Holy Spirit pulls our heartstrings, the harder
our shell becomes. We have to make a decision every single time He tugs: Either we surrender or we resist. It is impossible to
 resist the Love of God without hardening our hearts. Layer upon layer we allow the plaque of resistance to build until that loving Whisper has to become a Pneumatic hammer to reach us.

The Potter wants to take the broken pieces of the marred vessel, put it back on His spinning wheel and sculpt a beautiful vase that can be filled with His Spirit to be used for His purpose. One of the most awesome scriptures in the Bible is 2 Corinthians 4:7 (NKJV), “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence
 of the power may be of God and not of us.” Even though He
knows all the attributes and attitudes of the “vessel,” He chooses
to fill it with His Treasure, His Holy Spirit and all His benefits! That’s awesome!

Jeremiah was given an object lesson when God sent him down
to the potter’s house (chapter 18). He observed how the potter
did not discard the marred vessel, but broke it and continued to work with it to fashion it into a useable vessel. Jeremiah could
see what God wanted to do with straying Israel. He didn’t want
to discard them; in fact, Jeremiah noticed that, though marred,
they were still in God’s hand! What a revelation that is to us!
We are willful, we stray, we resist God when He wants to break
 us and remake us; but He still holds us in His hand while He
woos us to repentance. We are not refuse to Him.
He still sees value in us.

In Hosea’s admonition to God’s people (Hosea 10:13), he saw
that they had plowed wickedness, reaped iniquity and eaten
 fruit of lies, “Because you trusted in your own way.” Though
God called them to repentance repeatedly, they went their own
way and the “plowed field” that God had broken up lay fallow, uncultivated and without seed. Hosea called for them to “break
up the fallow ground,” cultivate it, plant so they could reap
a good harvest.

Isn’t that what God is calling His people to do today? He has
sent conviction, broken our hearts even as we resisted and has
 sent many voices of warnings to turn back to Him and allow the Potter to fashion vessels that will be filled with his “Treasure.”

Let us give God our marred, broken vessels and become
pliable in His Masterful hands. He will fill us with His Treasure,
 not to sit on shelves to be displayed but to be poured out on
others who also need to be broken and filled. We need never
 fear that our supply will run out. There will be a continual
inflow of this Treasure to replenish our supply.

If we continue reading the rest of Hosea 18, we see the
undesirable consequences of holding onto our brokenness,
 living with condemnation and guilt; but His love is still in force to break our rebellion and reshape us after His image. Our Potter desires to remake us into a “work of art” for His Kingdom.

God wants America and all the world to be whole and healed, and not just as nations but also as individuals who will be holders and dispensers of His Treasure. May our prayer be, “God, break us, mold us and fill us!” He will.

Delores Adams
June 13,2003
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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