It’s time to honor our fathers. Just like mothers, fathers have a
unique role to perform in God’s scheme of things.
God gave
 him the role of “head” of the woman and he is answerable
to his head, Christ.

Talk about a complicated role: Man has to rule his equal! Wow!

God didn’t make him superior to the woman; He just gave each
of them a unique role to perform to complete the union. One of
my previous pastors described it this way: Man is the head of
the house and woman is the heart. Their mutual love and support
 make a house a home.

So, it is time to give honor to whom honor is due. Father’s Day is an opportunity to do that.

I lost my dad, Kelsey G. Adams, and my mother lost her
companion in July 1979; but he left behind precious memories
 that have contributed to my development as an adult. He was
 my fan club! He was so supportive of things that I scribbled that
he wanted to try to get them published! What loyalty! Even if
it  were misdirected, I appreciated his confidence in me. My
 dad had beautiful expressive eyes that “twinkled”
when he  smiled. I can imagine the double twinkle on his
 face if he were able to read something I had “published”
 on the web. Maybe….?

Nothing increases our self-confidence like someone we love
and respect showing their confidence in us. Encourage your
father, shower him with respect, love and support. It will make
him love and honor you more. Don’t wait until you have to say,
 “I wish I had…”

To all fathers: Happy Father’s Day and may God bless you so
 much that you overflow and bless your family and others
around you. .

I wonder if it were just coincidence that my special dad, Kelsey G. Adams, was born on June 10 so near Father's Day!"

Delores Adams
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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