Robins are hopping across the lawn looking for worms,
woodpeckers are drilling holes in trees to find insects, perky
finch are searching for thistle seeds, cardinals are eyeing the
cracked corn and mourning doves are waiting their turn at the
sunflower café. These are joined by other birds doing what is
natural for them. In spite of all their diverse appetites and habits,
their voices blend and they sing together.

“Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord!”
 (Psalm 150:6 NKJV). Birds have breath; they praise the Lord.

Psalm 148 has a list of who should “Praise the Lord!”

--from heaven, in the heights

--all His angels, all His hosts

--stars of light, heaven of heavens, waters above the heavens

--great sea creatures

--fire and hail, snow and clouds, storm winds

--mountains and hills, fruitful trees, cedars

--creeping things, flying fowl

--kings, all people, princes, judges

--young men, maidens, old men, children

“Let them all praise the name of the Lord.”

Then the last verse sums it up by saying, “Praise the Lord!”
 Admittedly, some of the things mentioned are inanimate objects,
 but remember that Psalm 19:1 tells us, “The heavens declare the
 glory of God…” Moses asked God to show him His “glory,” and
God caused all His goodness to pass before Moses. It was a
 panoramic view of God’s character—Grace, Compassion--that's
the “name of the Lord”--Who He is.
 (Exodus 33:18:19)

Why do birds sing? Is it because they understand that not one
of them falls to the ground unnoticed by the Heavenly Father?
 (Matthew 10:29). Do they comprehend that He cares and provides
for them? They don’t seem to have that reasoning ability, so why do
they sing? There are some “scientific” answers such as mating, territorial rights, etc.; but there is another answer that we can find
in the mentioned Psalms.

Christians should be the most grateful people on earth. We’ve
 been redeemed by a crucified Savior who died so that we could live.
 We are living under a Divine covenant that reaches into eternity.
We are blessed while living in this interim here on earth. We should
sing praises to God. But that is not why birds sing.

If we use the criteria for praise to God based on what He does for
us or how He blesses our lives, it will be inconsistent. There will be
days that we will feel like praising God, and there will other days
that we’ll have more questions than praise.

So, why do birds sing? They sing because of “Who God is,” not for
what He does for them. His praise was built into them. He so
ordered (commanded) their praise when He included them in the
list of who should praise Him (Psalm 148). “Let them praise the
name of the Lord, For His name alone is exalted; His glory is
above the earth and heaven” (Psalm 148:13 NKJV). Yes, we need
to be thankful people and not fail to thank God for His many
 benefits to us; but that is not why He wants our praise. This psalm
does not mention His blessings as a basis for praise. The reason
 given follows the word “for”—“His name alone is exalted.” He
alone is worthy of our praise. He knows WHO HE IS. He knows
He is worthy, and He knows as we praise Him, we too will become
aware of WHO HE IS and see that “He alone is exalted” and
worthy of our praise.

God does not have an ego that we need to support, He is not temperamental if we forget to thank Him, nor can we bargain with
 Him to get what we want. He doesn’t need us to praise Him. We
 do it because we need it. We are the beneficiaries of our praise to
 God if we praise Him for the same reason birds sing—because He
said so! He said so to call our attention to Who He is. When we are aware of Who He is and praise Him only for that reason and
 no other, that is pure worship.

Pure worship sends up a “sweet smelling savor” to God, and He will respond because we have the right motive. Maybe that’s the real difference between thanksgiving and praise. We need to be thankful
for our salvation and our blessings, and then just praise God -- in
worship -- for who He is and for no other reason. “But You are holy (that’s Who He is), Who inhabit (reside) the praises of Israel”
 (Psalm 22:3NKJV).

In speaking to Moses in Leviticus 19, God said, “I am the Lord,”
at least a dozen times. It would be hard to misunderstand that
message. The revelation of Who God is solicits our praise. King
 of kings! Lord of lords! Almighty God! Savior! Let His praises
resound around the world!

Be thankful for who you are in Christ; give God a heart-felt
 “Thank you” for the resultant blessings; but praise (worship)
Him for WHO HE IS and for no other reason. At Jesus’ triumphant entrance to Jerusalem, the multitude began to praise God because
of Him—because of Who He was. The Pharisees wanted Jesus
to rebuke them. He gave an unusual reply, “I tell you that if these
should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out”
 (Luke 19:40 NKJV). That was worship! They were praising God because of who Jesus was—The King! If they had not,
the inanimate rocks would have given God praise.

That’s why birds sing (Psalm 148:10). Their creator implanted His
praise in them. Join in their song; don’t let the rocks shout out
 the praise God wants you to give Him – just for WHO HE IS.

That’s why birds sing! Let all the earth proclaim His praise.
Hallelujah! Hosanna to the Worthy Lamb!

Delores Adams
Copyrighted. All right reserved.


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